A knight in service of House Elesham


Cortnay is a serious man, well-built and of strong constitution. His flowing locks are beginning to turn salt and pepper as the years pass and he sports mustache reminiscent of the Norvoshi style.


Cortnay met some members of House Jasper when they traveled to Paps in a diplomatic capacity in 284 AC, but it wasn’t until 285 AC that he made a strong impression. At the tournament at Snownook Cortnay made a fine showing in the joust, progressing to the finals after a controversial judges’ decision awarded him the victory over Ser Yoren. In the championship Cortnay’s lance pierced the visor of Ser Hoster Woodhull’s helm, killing him. Hoster’s son, Ser James, accused Cortnay of murder and demanded a trial, which Lord Ronnel Jasper presided over the following morning. In the trial James cited the centuries long feud between House Elesham and House Woodhull as the motive. He also presented the shard of tournament lance that had been modified to include a steel core. It was then that Cortnay requested a trial-by-combat. Lord Jasper ordered a trial of seven to occur at the ‘bridge of the Andals’ in one week. Cortnay found six other warriors to defend his innocence in: Ser Phillip, Ser Argyle, Lady Ella Elesham, Ser Ardrian the hedge knight, Jardon Pyke, and Ser Yoren the tournament knight. In the trial the Gods ruled against Ser Cortnay; he was struck down by his accuser, never to rise again.


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