Darron Brewlan

Master-At-Arms of House Jasper


The cute one



That’s Ser Darron to you. I used to be someone once – a respected knight for a noble house. No, not in this soggy moor! In the Reach! Where the wine flows like water and the wheat grows ten feet tall. Where plums the size of a man’s fist ripen under a golden sun. In my younger days I even held my own in tournaments form Bandallon to Sunflower Hall. Had a family – wife and three sons. Even a bit of land to my name!

Yeah, I really was someone then. Now I suppose I should just be happy to be alive. It’s like I got a second life. No, there’s no point in talking about those events. Just know that I’m no turncoat. I’m an honorable man! Always have been and always will be. A true knight follows a code you know.

I had to travel a ways to escape that past. I was in Wendish Town when some travelers told me about the fingers. Said castle Snownook was in danger of being overrun by marauders and in need of some good swords. What did I have to lose?

I am grateful to Lord Jasper. I truly am. He took me in. Gave me a sword and a bed. Gave me a purpose again. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

It hurts to think of my boys though. A thousand leagues away growing up without a father. I still hold out hope of seeing them again before I die.

It hurts just as fucking much to see the way that baby, Jardon Pyke, has the ear of our lord. May the seven restrain me while I have to listen to his orders. I hold out hope of seeing him die before I die! Ho ho ho!

Ser Darron’s Sigil is a golden horse wielding a long sword on a black field. The gold represents the ideals of the True Knight’s Code. The horse is a symbol of power and freedom. The sword signifies bravery. Black is cool.

A list of Darron’s known accomplishments

  • Defeated champion of the Three Sisters – the massive Ogden Borrell – in trial-by-combat.
  • Defeated knight of House Targaryen and castellan of Dragonstone Ser Alyn of the Dragonmont during the Assault on Dragonstone.
  • Fought in support of the rebellion at the Battle of the Trident. Held the right flank while embedded with the Jasper infantry.
  • Appointed Master at Arms of Snownook in the year 283 after a minor tournament in which he won the joust and melee events in addition to slaying a Bargest.
  • Wielder of Victorinox.
  • Squired by Thomas of Weeping Town Shaymus of Uplands Wine of Gulltown
  • Unseated Lyn Corbray and the Blackfish to reach the semifinals in Robert’s grand Tournament.
  • First Mate aboard the Rambis; one of the few vessels to ever reach Valeria after the doom.
  • Assistant Dragonslayer
  • Victorious Mystery Knight at the bloody Trial of the Seven in Snownook
  • Led the company which infiltrated Snakewood allowing it to be sacked. Personally opened the gate
  • Escaped from the inescapable prison island, Ghaston Grey after being wrongly imprisoned.
  • Defeated a Greyjoy Warship while captaining the lightly-armored Rambis in the Stepstones.
  • Winner of the Plankytown Triathlon in which he defeated Sand Snake Obara Martell in riding, whipping, and fighting.
  • Single-handedly defeated a garrison of Ironborn to rescue Dollins
  • Defeated Ser Mandon Moore of the Kingsguard and countless other challengers to become the Champion of Spring and Defender of Lady Arryn at the Tournament of Spring in 287 AC

A List of Darron’s Known Squires
*Ser Shaymus

Darron Brewlan

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