A knight in service of House Jasper, formerly House Coldwater


A tall, strong man with light hair worn long. He has a reputation for loyalty, honesty, chivalry, and skill at arms.
He has a burn scar from a partially forged sword on his right forearm; it was punishment for nearly beating an older apprentice smith to death. This event was witnessed by Coldwater Burn’s master-at-arms and resulted in his training as a squire.


Ser Denys is a knight of strong and noble repute. Though too young to have fought in the War of the Ninepenny Kings he has distinguished himself during Robert’s Rebellion (as well as several regional tournaments). He was one of the few Knights of the Vale to fight at Summerhall and Ashford; it is said he slew more than a score of men in each battle. Some lesser bards have even taken to performing ballads of his gallantry, although none those songs have become popular. Denys is sworn to Coldwater Burn and House Coldwater, a small house but a proud one. The Coldwater Burn has been his home for many years and his loyalty is said to be steadfast.

When Maester Thaddeus, Ser Carsen Thorne, and Jardon Pyke came calling Denys was sparring with Ser Roland Coldwater in the yard. They spoke of recruiting him and Denys deferred to his lordship. After a brief conference Denys was swayed by their pleas and their promises that he would train with the very best at Snownook. Lord Coldwater released him from his oath and Thaddeus provided him with a bronze ring stamped with the Jasper crest to present to Lord Ronnel when he arrives at his new home.

Denys had his first meaningful conversation with Lord Teddy, Dolins, and Calaila in June of 284 AC. He was asked many questions of his previous home. He spoke well of Coldwater Burn, but shared that he regretted not having been able to recover the Coldwater heirloom for Lord Royce before he departed for Snownook. He explained that a bronze dagger with runes of the first men on the grip had been lost at the Taking of Gulltown. Royce’s father had been slain there and the fighting carried Denys away from where his lord fell and by the time he returned scavengers had looted the body and the blade was gone. Ser Denys was grateful for the chance to travel to Gulltown with the trio to retrieve the dagger.

In Gulltown Ser Denys accompanied the Jasparians as they searched for the dagger. First to Winter’s Reprieve where they met with Jamie, then to Devin the carpenter. After Dolins stopped Devin from fleeing the man shared that a band of robbers had taken the dagger from him one drunken night not long ago. Denys and the others made their way to the dilapidated house on the city’s north side. Denys waited outside, armored and armed, ready to enter the building if he heard a commotion. A half hour later he rushed through the front door after hearing shouts and a chorus of thuds and slams. He began cutting through the lightly armed brigands to rescue Lord Teddy and the others. All escaped with their lives as the structure burned.

He was a part of the expedition to Valyria in search of dragon eggs. He comported himself well across the narrow sea,

Ser Denys was amongst those who scaled the walls to raise the gate for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’. He played the part of prisoner, not too convincingly, as the party made its way across the ramparts. He was grievously wounded in the fighting to take the gatehouse and surely would have died if it were not for Maester Thaddeus’s abilities as a healer.

Ser Denys was hand-selected by Lord Ronnel to accompany him on his mission to Braavos to reclaim the stolen dragon eggs.


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