A scruffy, wiry man who is stronger than he looks.


Devin is a carpenter and furniture maker with a shop on the westside of Gulltown. After the Taking of Gulltown a dagger of some significance came into his possession. It is made of bronze and bears the runes of the first men; it had been carried into battle by the now deceased Lord Coldwater. Devin wore the dagger for some time before it was taken from him by a local band of thieves. Devin was drunk at the time and could not recall what happened. He relayed this information to Dolins, Calaila, and Teddy; the former had snared Devin in his net when he attempted to flee the latter two (who had posed as customers before inquiring about the dagger).

In August of 286 AC Devin sold Carsen a set of locksmith tools in exchange for 2gd and a “Valyrian knife”… which was in truth, a stiletto. Devin had been cautious at first but opened up when Carsen explained that he had been sent by Severus.


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