'The Bard Knight' in service of House Jasper


55 years old, 170lbs, 5’11”, Blue eyes, Salt & Pepper hair. Moves with what once used to be agility and grace but now slightly slowed by old age.


Born the son of a Knight of House Jasper in Vale, Dolins was taught how to fight and to uphold the honor of his name and that of House Jasper. During his training however, he fell madly in love with a young woman, Maye. She feared for his life if he were to continue down the path to knighthood. So Dolins left his training, eloped with Maye, and together they oppened a small tavern in vale. During his time at the tavern Dolins learned tales of House Jasper’s past glory and became quite good at telling stories of his own. After several years the tavern had become somewhat successful so he and Maye decided to start a family to carry on the family name and business. On the day Maye was due to give birth the couple hired a Septon to bless the newborn child. For reasons still unknown both Maye and the baby died during the birth. Dolins was completely distraught by the loss of his true love. He blamed the Septon for putting a curse on him to forever be alone. Now he fears all septons and disavowed all religion. Dolins sold the tavern and used to money to travel all across Westeros soul searching and looking for answers. After many years and adventures he decided to return to Vale and swore and oath to House Jasper. He vowed to see House Jasper return to and exceed the wealth and power of years and tails long ago. He knew that if he was not meant to have a son to carry on the family name… then the name Dolins would have to live on when people would speak of the his performances and stories. So Dolins became the bard for the Lord and Lady of house Jasper. He still wears Maye’s wedding ring on a necklace as a reminder of their love. He wants the house to solve its ailing problems and return to a time of glory where his name will be mentioned in the highest regards.


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