Eddard "Ned" Stark

Lord of Winterfell and Warden Of The North


“Ned” has a long face and long brown hair. His dark grey eyes seem to change shade depending on his mood. His solemn face is not particularly attractive or unattractive.


Canon Background

Ned, and his escorts, were set upon by mountain clansmen as he was traveling to rendezvous with a party from House Jasper in 282 AC. All hope appeared lost as Ned saw his two companions cut down by the savages. Ready to fight to his last breath Ned steeled himself as the five remaining mountain clansmen encircled him. It was uncanny how they coordinated their movements without uttering a sound. Jardon, his contact with House Jasper, and Carsen, a local farmer, happened upon the scene with impeccable timing. They loosed many arrows, thinning the aggressors until only Ned and their leader remained… trading blows toe-to-toe. Though untrained the wildling was clearly a great warrior in his own right; he had gained the upper hand and had wounded Ned gravely. As the saviors converged the clansman yielded and was summarily executed by Carsen; the blood from the fatal blow spattered over Ned as he knelt in exhaustion.

Ned traveled with his companions to Carsen’s farmstead where he met Ser Darron; after allowing for some recovery time the four traveled to the coast together and chartered a fisherman’s boat to Gulltown. Tragedy befell them as the vessel wrecked on the shore of Sweetsister. Ned awoke in Breakwater dungeon with his companions, but not knowing the fate of the smallfolk who had been crewing the vessel. Ned stood accused of treason and was readying to board a ship for King’s Landing to be tried by the Iron Throne. However, the Borrell men released him before the ship set sail; he was told Ser Darron (with help from Jardon and Carsen) had secured his freedom in a trial-by-combat at great personal cost.

Theodore and Alys Jasper witnessed Eddard’s marriage to Catelyn Tully in 283 AC.

Eddard "Ned" Stark

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