Eddin Fischer

Jardon's Half Brother


Tall, Handsome, beard, chiseled, what’s there not to like. Heck, he belongs in an old spice commercial, unfortunately you can only get that in Essos….


Eddin Fischer is the first son of Elrie Fischer and Bander Fischer and half-brother of Jardon Pyke. Inheriting most of his mother’s looks (unless there were some attractive people on the Fischer side of things) and his father’s fishing business, Eddin is the most eligible bachelor in Jasport. Although, Eddin is too caught up in running his father’s business to be concerned with such trivial things at this point.

Eddin, works with his brother Bodrin mainly, although the other Fischer siblings, especially Leyanna, are around as well. He works well with his brother as Eddin is great with spear net, and cage, and Bodrin is good with coin, wrench, and book. Eddin is skeptical of his brother’s loyalty to the family business and to him, as they have been turning far too high of profits lately.

Eddin hated his father and cares deeply for his mother. That’s about all him and Jardon have in common. Bodrin, on the other hand was closer to his father.

Although, Eddin did learn a great deal about fishing from his father and believes in his fishing ideologies with great zeal.

During the waning days of 285 AC, Jardon entered the Fischer’s Fish store, accompanied by two knights, Ser Darron Brewlan and Ser Carsen Thorne. Eddin was overjoyed to see their half-brother, Bodrin was less so… especially after Jardon explained that they needed a favor. Bodrin did perk up when Jardon paid 75gd for their help. In their smaller fishing boat, the Fischers ferried the trio (and Jardon’s destrier Moonwake) to Corbray land under the cover of darkness. Two days later, as agreed, the Fischer brothers returned to pick up the trio and found them bloody and breathless, but alive. They sailed safely back to Jasport without issue.

On the first day of 286 AC the entire Fischer clan attended the wedding of Jardon and Jeyne Oakheart at Snownook. Two months later Eddin and Jorvan ferried Lord Theodore Jasper, Ser Darron, Ser Dolins, and Maester Thaddeus to Heart’s Home aboard the larger of the Fischer family vessels during February of 286 AC. Teddy Jasper had brokered a deal with Bodrin and explained that he wanted to be able to pass the Snakewood incognito. About a week later Eddin and the rest of the Fischers attended a meeting with Snownook’s council to sort out the inheritance of Jardon’s belongings. The Jaspers would not part with Jardon’s vessel, The Rambis, but did allow the family to take any items they wished from Jardon’s room in the Soldier Tower. Ser Darron accompanied the family, and helpfully broke open a desk, spilling many Gold Dragons on the floor, which Bodrin scooped into a bag.

In August of 286AC Eddin had a chance encounter with Carsen Thorne at the Gulltown wharf. In the following ehange of pleasantries Eddin is the captain of the merchant vessel Jardon. They sail a triangle route from Gulltown to White Harbor to Braavos. He directed Carsen to Bodrin when the knight inquired about chartering the vessel. Bodrin would be found in the waterfront storehouse the family purchased (described as a long, low building with a sign reading ’Fischer’s Shipping & Fishing’).

Eddin Fischer

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