Eddisson Tollett

A squire of House Tollett


Eddison is a thin man with a long face, like a mule’s. He has a dry and pessimistic sense of humor. Despite his dour attitude he seems well-liked.


Canon Background

In 286 AC Eddisson made the acquaintance of Summer on the outskirts of the encampments at the Lynderly Jasper wedding at Snakewood. Summer overheard Lord Tollett admonishing the young man for his dour attitude. After the lord strode away Summer approached, intent on cheering Edd up, and was surprised to discover a wry sense of humor. The pair made plans to meet back at Edd’s horse after the feast to go for a moonlight ride. The rather dolorous young man was stood up; sweet Summer never arrived for their ride.

Eddisson Tollett

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