The Master Of Horse And Hunt


Heavy set with a bushy black beard and a crop of black hair. Edric is not a particularly imposing figure physically, his attitude is another story. He is gruff but does care deeply for his daughter Summer, who often assists him in matters of horse training.


Edric has lived practically his entire life in the stables at Snownook with the exception of lengthy treks into the surrounding wilderness that he often takes without warning. He disappears for sometimes days or even weeks at a time. Were not for skill as a hunter and horse trainer it is likely that this behavior would have led to his dismissal long ago. His arrogance has alienated many of the household staff and stable boys often jump at the chance to leave his service. He and Rhaella are of a similar age but as the years have gone distance between the two has grown.

Edric demonstrated his skill at tracking, leading Ser Carsen on his mission to save his family from mountain clansmen. It was no small feat, as it was dark, rocky terrain.

When Theodore Jasper’s Valyrian expedition returned to Snownook, they learned of the murder or Perin Pryor. They questioned Edric about what he knew. He was irritated. Among complaints he shared that he knew nothing about Perin, that the knight had left with a courser and a pony for a boy and that both mounts were returned, but Edric could not recall whether both riders did.

Ever prone to rage, Edric’s demeanor inflamed Ser Lyn Corbray when the knight perceived his horse’s treatment as being subpar when visiting Snownook for a tournament in 285 AC. Later in the day, after elimination from the joust, Lyn returned to the stable blaming Edric for his destrier’s sluggish performance. The conflict escalated until Lyn took Edric’s whip and gave him three lashes.

As Summer prepared to depart for the Reach in December of 286 AC, to help the house reclaim Victorinox, Edric approached her in the stables. He advised her to take good care of their horses, and to mind the Maester and Ser Darron… but to pay little mind to thelordling and the farmer knight. Above all else he urged caution, under the guise that her mother would be devastated if harm came to her, before a heartfelt goodbye.

In what became known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney in the region, in June of 288 AC, Edric participated in the riding contest but was unable to win.


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