The Habor Master of King's Landing


As harbor master of King’s Landing Edwin takes great pride in his office, which manifests in the expensive silks and fragrances he chooses to wear.


On a rather typical day in June of 287 AC Edwin was strolling the docks, looking to collect anchorage fees from any vessels with outstanding debt. Three men (Teddy, Dolins, and Darron) asked after a man named Asten said to captain the Broke Blade. This did not sound familiar but when one man amended the vessel to be the Cornelia Edwin allowed that the ship had last called to port one month prior and its return was difficult to predict. Although he first did not know the destination of the ship… with a fresh silver in his hand he recalled it had gone to Lys. When the trio asked after a vessel to charter for Lys Edwin laughed the notion off, sharing it was unlikely any captain would cross the Stepstones while Euron Greyjoy was prowling those water. It was then that a grinning Petyr Baelish approached and let slip that he was investigating corruption at the port at the behest of the Hand of the King.


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