The Butcher’s Daughter


Eevahry is perhaps the most beautiful young woman you have ever seen. She is 19 years old with long straight blonde hair and pale green eyes. Her pale complexion is due to being inside throughout the day, not to a lack of nutrition. At 5’7”, she stands a bit above her father, but her slender frame certainly comes from her mother.


Being the middle child of Croy & Abigail’s three children, Eevahry has always had to struggle to get attention. Now in her adulthood… she knows she can use her looks to get the attention of just about any man she wants. She rebels against her father’s strictness by spending most evenings in a local tavern flirting her way to many a free glass of wine. Eevahry has no plans to settle down just yet. She hopes to catch the of an important lord that travels through Jasper lands and to run off with him.

Eevahry’s decapitated body was discovered by Clink and Clank outside the door of her home in August of 288 AC. Her pale green eyes were left behind. Teddy took them to Bethlazar for a reading and learned that the last thing Eevahry saw was a redheaded shirtless man in purple swinging an axe.


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