Ella Elesham

The sister of Lord Elesham


A tall young woman with fair features but warrior wishes. She appears strong, graceful, and swift. She is willful and of an independent mind. She is often found in Ser Phillip’s company.


In April 284 AC Ella set sail for Snownook aboard the Cornelia. She had convinced Ser Darron, Ser Carsen, Jardon, and Thaddeus of her skill at arms and asked that they allow her to join her brother. Further, she asked that they not tell her mother; they agreed. She was presented before Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys and was then sworn into service alongside Ser Phillip and Ser Cedric by Ser Darron. Lady Alys, in particular, appeared to take a liking to her. The next morning a raven arrived bearing the message below.

“Lord Jasper,
I fear my daughter, Ella, has stowed away upon the vessel that brought my son to Snownook. She is willful. I am sorry to trouble you but I must ask that you search your keep and the village for her and see her returned home.
Lady Elesham”

After some deliberation Ser Darron told Ella the choice was hers but that if she elected to stay she would be required to pen a message to her mother explaining herself. She agreed.

After a trial of seven was ordered by Lord Jasper to resolve the issue of whether Ser Cortnay had murdered Ser Hoster Woodhull in a joust the accused and the accuser (James Woodhull) set about recruiting champions to fight for their causes. Ella agreed to fight for Cortnay as the knight is in service to her house. Ella attempted to flank her opponents by scurrying into the gully rather than joining the fray on the Bridge of the Andals. She was met there by a mystery knight, truly Ser Darron, who wounded her to the extent that she withdrew from the field.

In the waning days of 285 AC she treated an arrow wound in Jardon’s shoulder. She performed well, explaining that as a girl she had learned some about healing from House Elesham’s now deceased maester. In exchange, she asked Captain Jardon to include her on his next adventure, a suggestion he reacted favorably to.

Ella was among those who scaled the walls to raise the gate for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’. As the scaling party crept along the ramparts Ella sought her own way, leaping from the catwalk onto a building and disappearing into the city. Though she claims no memory of it, Rhaella told of the woman’s brave descent into the cells of Snakewood to free herself and Captain Jardon. Her valor would be in vain, as she was ambushed and stabbed viciously by a cloaked figure and left for dead. Though the maester tried mightily to heal her, Ella’s constituion was never the same thereafter.

In May 287 AC the Rambis returned to Snownook without Ser Phillip. Ser Carsen broke news of his death, devastating news. A week later Ella absconded with her brother leaving this letter, which Lady Alys Jasper brought to the ‘Smaller Council’.

Dearest Lord Jasper,
You have been kind; my brother and I thank you for the fosterage you provided to him and for the opportunity you gave to me. Our view of the world has changed because of it. Unfortunately it is time for us to return home.
Snakewood was a terrible ordeal and news of Ser Phillip’s drowning has made staying impossible. Unbearable. Consider us friends. Know that House Elesham remains an ally.

-Lady Ella of House Elesham

Ella Elesham

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