Elmo Elesham

Lord of First Light


A quiet boy. Elmo is content to let his mother lead for him and his sister fight for him.


A boy of just 10 when he met representatives of House Jasper during April of 284 AC, a quick alliance was made in which the boy’s mother and Lady Regent agreed to have him fostered at Snownook until he reached the age of majority. His sister Ella and Ser Phillip made the journey with him. The former to protect her brother and the latter as a new member of the knighthood at Snownook.

He was present in the Tower of the Hand when Jon Arryn appointed House Jasper as Marshall of the FIngers and the Isles on the day Robert Baratheon wed Cersei Lannister. Although he traveled to the capital with his foster house, he stood with his mother during the ceremony. He was distracted and disinterested throughout, as many boys his age would be.

In May 287 AC the Rambis returned to Snownook without Ser Phillip. Ser Carsen broke news of his death, devastating news to Ella. A week later Ella absconded with her brother leaving this letter, which Lady Alys Jasper brought to the ‘Smaller Council’.

Dearest Lord Jasper,
You have been kind; my brother and I thank you for the fosterage you provided to him and for the opportunity you gave to me. Our view of the world has changed because of it. Unfortunately it is time for us to return home.
Snakewood was a terrible ordeal and news of Ser Phillip’s drowning has made staying impossible. Unbearable. Consider us friends. Know that House Elesham remains an ally.

-Lady Ella of House Elesham

Elmo Elesham

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