Erick "Red" Redford

Foreman of House Thorne's Tin Mine


“Red”, as he is known in the mines, earned his name by virtue of his red hair (which is obvious). Even in the depths of the mine, covered in soot, his hair remains distinguishable. He is known to be a bit surly, but a good-hearted man.


Red made the acquaintance of Darron and Jardon in October of 285 AC when Ser Thorne brought them to the mien searching for a lost child. Begrudgingly, Red led the men back into the mine as his men trudged home after a long day. When the three men squeezed through a crack in the mine in their search Red was given his leave by Carsen. A week later Red approached Carsen and produced a crude map of the mine. After questioning his foreman Carsen ordered that the crevice leading to Lynderly land be boarded up.

Erick "Red" Redford

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