Captain of the Dove, a Myrish Cog


Faryllio has a jovial nature, warm personality, and speaks common tongue with a faint accent, betraying his Myrish heritage. His olive skin is another sign that he hails from Myr.


While browsing in Lannisport’s central market in late 285 AC, while his vessel the Dove was being loaded for a voyage to Braavos, he head a man shout “Stop! Thief!” Faryllio whipped his head around and realized a stranger had his hand in his pocket. Faryllio wrestled the man to the ground and asked the alarm raiser to fetch the city watch. When the thief was taken away Faryllio and Dolins introduced themselves to one another. Faryllio explained that the thief had nearly made off with an item of immense monetary and sentimental value, an exquisite glass dove passed to him by his father. In thanks, free passage was offered to Dolins and his travel companions. The next morning Dolins arrived at the dock with Teddy, Calaila, and Thaddeus and the crew cast off, bound for Snownook.


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