George Lynderly

A member of House Lynderly


Prone to over imbibing at meals, George has never been an athlete. He showed little aptitude or interest in martial matters as a boy, but as a man now wears a sword for appearances sake. His figure conveys laziness, but he possesses a shrewd mind which he uses to council his family. He is often seen in the company of his brothers Ben and Thom.


George met Ser Carsen, Ser Darron, and Jardon Pyke in Snakewood’s hall as he broke his fast one morning in October of 285 AC. As he sat with his brothers and cousin Jon talk quickly turned to House Thorne’s tin mine. The Lynderlys held firm in their belief that they’re owed a half stake in the mine as it is in a cave network that connects to both Thorne and Lynderly land. George conducted himself as a capable diplomat but negotiations devolved and reached a breaking point when Carsen threatened war if the claim was pursued further. This caused Jon to storm out of the room, after which Carsen did the same.

During February of 286AC George was enjoying some chicken stew in Ren’s Tavern (which was unusually quiet) inside the walls of Snakewood. He looked up with surprise when a merchant (Carsen in disguise) bought him an ale. George’s eyes focused on Carsen’s hired guard (a poorly disguised Jardon Pyke). George recognized the one-eyed man as being from House Jasper and said as much as he rose from his seat, clearly distressed. Without warning Carsen barreled into him, knocking George to the ground as Carsen sprinted for the door. Jardon fired two crossbow bolts into the prone man, executing him. Ren, the barkeep, witnessed the horror and escaped out a rear window, leaving Jardon alone with George’s body.

George Lynderly

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