Gerold Grafton

Lord of House Grafton


A wide man with large arms and a distinctive booming voice. His hair is dirty blonde. Gerold became lord of Gulltown when he came of age and has never lacked for wealth or courtesy. At court he is often seen with both a Maester and a Septon advising him.


Canon Background

Lord Grafton become acquainted with Theodore Jasper when the young lord (accompanied by his Maester) sought an audience in the latter weeks of 283 AC. They met in the great hall of House Grafton, which placed near the top of the great tower keep that is the house’s seat.Teddy explained that a knight sworn to House Jasper had been imprisoned the previous night. Lord Grafton reported that he was aware of Ser Perin’s capture and that he intended to hear the case against the indebted knight the following morning. Teddy expressed that he would return to witness the trial. After hearing testimony and questioning, the next morning, Lord Grafton was preparing to announce his verdict and sentence… when Teddy offered (generously) to pay his knight’s debts. Gerold accepted, bringing the issue to a close.

Tipped off that an arson on the waterfront was to occur Gerold rode out with the City Watch to intervene. There he discovered three men placing a candle on the windowsill of the empty Falcon’s Nest tavern. When he called “Halt!” one man ran while the other two remained. One explained that they had interest in purchasing the property, not burning it down. A deal was then brokered in which Jardon paid 10gd for the building.

Jon Lynderly inherited the title and holdings of ‘Lord of Snakewood’ upon his father’s death in the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ in February of 286 AC. Months later peace talks were held in Gulltown under Lord Grafton’s watchful eye. Much of the terms were preset by Lord Arryn. Jon’s sister was betrothed to Teddy Jasper and a wedding date was set for December 2nd of 286 AC. At that time Zane Thorne will enter service of House Lynderly as a squire. After suffering slights of cowardice made by Jon, Ser Dolins challenged the Lord to a duel. It was a brutal affair, which Jon won. The victory yielded House Lynderly a 500gd reparation for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ as well as Jana’s right to keep a sword sword and a hand maiden from Snakewood after she weds. Nestor Royce would attend the wedding to ensure that all pieces of the agreement are honored.

When the Jaspers came calling in October of 288 AC Lord Grafton was attended to by a Maester and Septon while Teddy Jasper shared his house’s interests. Jasper was direct in his goal being a diplomatic alliance. Lord Grafton diplomatically suggested that killing the Protectors would garner his appreciation. The Protectors whereabouts are unknown but Lord Grafton was confident they’d return in winter “as mice do”.

Gerold Grafton

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