Glenda "The Golden"

An Entertainer and wife of Sevron


Glenda has performed in many a mummer’s troupe… in Westeros and Essos both! She is private and prefers to speak of the present, rather than the past. She was nicknamed “The Golden” years ago by her now husband Sevron. He ignored that her hair is more pale blonde than golden… in favor of the poetical ‘Silver and Gold Mummers’. Though they parted ways for many years a chance encounter in 286 AC brought Glenda and Sevron back together and they married not long after.


On December 3rd 286 AC Sevron arrived at Snownook to begin his residency and introduced his bride to Dolins. A performer of no small skill in her own right, Glenda is also expected to take on a teaching role in the bardic college.

In June of 287 AC Gold & Silver interrupted a meeting of Snownook’s smaller council to raise the issue of depleting enrollment in the Bardic College. Many students had departed in favor of the Faith, a most concerning development to Ser Dolins. They were assured that the matter would be investigated and husband and wife left, somewhat relieved.

When Dolins addressed the staff and students of the Bardic College in May of 288AC he made an impassioned plea for their support in stopping the construction of a nearby sept by any means. He was fairly convincing, with six people pledging to support him, including Gold. In the first attempt to sabotage the sept Dolins limited the effort to the faculty. He, Silver and Gold snuck out at night, hiding and sabotaging various tools on the site.

Glenda "The Golden"

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