Calaila's Former Associate


A young woman with matted blonde hair and light eyes.


In the waning days of Robert’s Rebellion Gloria stepped into the Old Witch Tavern, an inn near her home in Flea Bottom for a meal. She was surprised to see her old friend Calaila in the dining room. Gloria greeted Calaila excitedly exclaiming that it had been several years since they last met. They continued their conversation in Calaila’s room in the company of Dolins. Gloria revealed that she had taken work delivering silks and other goods for a few merchants and that her business sometimes took her to the gates of the Red Keep. She shared some rumors she had heard – An army is coming to the city, The king killed his hand and named an alchemist hand, The gold cloaks are planning a mutiny. Gloria returned to the dining room and was last seen drinking a tankard of ale as Calaila and her companions locked themselves in their room for the night.


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