A maester in service of House Lynderly


Maester Glynn’s eyes have a piercing and unsettling quality. He is young for a maester, and his assignment to Snakewood was prompted by the death of the aged Maester Buford.


Maester Glynn cared for a young girl named Rosie, brought to Snakewood by Ser Jon Lynderly, in 285 AC.

On the day Jana Lynderly was to wed Teddy Jasper Glynn crossed paths with Maester Thaddeus in the Snakewood village square. Thad aided Glynn in tending to a long line of smallfolk. As the pair worked Thad asked if Glynn had any books about the Children of the Forest. He did not, but recommended a journey north to Winterfell or Castle Black as their libraries would be most likely to have such a tome.


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