Godric Borrell


Godwin has bushy salt and pepper hair and beard; however his hair is beginning to this. He’s overweight and his face is typically fixed with a stern expression. There is distinctive webbing between his three middle fingers on each hand.


Canon Background

Lord Borrell saw fit to accuse Darron, Jardon, and Carsen of treason after they were discovered shipwrecked on a beach outside of Sisterton. They stood accused after Eddard Stark was discovered in their company. Godwin sought to curry favor with the Iron Throne by shipping Lord Stark to King’s Landing to stand trial. The other would-be rebels demanded trial by command and chose an old man as their champion. His heir Ogden would represent House Borrell. Og was making quick work of Ser Darron when suddenly he was rushed by another of the accused while the fool was still bound. After overwhelming his attacker Lord Borrell leaped into the fighting pit to aid his son as he now faced both Darron and the third accused man. After dealing several vicious blows Ogden was covered in blood and swaying on his feet due to loss of blood. When terms of surrender were offered they were accepted by Godric in order to prevent further damage being done to his son. Both Borrells were tended to by Breakwater’s Maester afterward. Meanwhile one of their foes lost an eye in the melee and all had sustained a variety of wounds and injuries.

Godric Borrell

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