Gregoriy Al-Tem

Leader of the Separatist Order of Bearded Priests


A long black beard, stocky but built figure. He is tall and intimidating due to his size. He sports a Half Helm with Spikes, as well as a long and heavy horse hair cape with a leather tunic. He also has a brand of his long-axe across his chest as symbol of his marriage to that weapon and to always keep it sharp.

Gregoriy speaks with a booming voice, making sure everything he says is heard, and is the loudest in the room. Despite this, his intimidating demeanor is not from Malice, but from Religious Zealotry.


Gregoriy Al-Tem is the older and more stoic older brother to Viktor Al-Tem. Both from common birth, Gregoriy took a different route with regards to rise among the Norvoshi ranks. He was trained as an acolyte with the bearded priests at the age of 16, much like his brother was, but for the Priests themselves and not the magistrates. He was going to be trained to become a guard for one of the more highly regarded priests, but he heard his master crying out in pain during one of his daily rituals. What he saw was more than he bargained for, and what he heard was more the priest bargained for. The name of the Norvoshi god is only intended for initiates of the order. Although most commoners would be killed for hearing the name of the Norvoshi God, Gregoriy was seen to have promise to become part of the order. Gregoriy was then trained to be a bearded Priest initiate.

Gregoriy would eventually become a bearded priest, becoming a part of the order, but his training would not stop there. His mentor, who saw him to become an initiate, would further train him in the healing magic of the Darkwash river. The river stems from various caverns in the Norvoshi Hills and is considered the Eastern Border of Norvos. The waters of these caverns are said to have healing powers that not only sooth the soul, but also have been know to heal wounds from battle. Although many priests dismiss this as stories from another era, a sect of priests (which include Gregoriy and his mentor) do disappear once a year into the depths of the hills near the start of the Darkwash river and come back changed, and having “powers” beyond comprehension. Most just equate this to rest and becoming reinvigorated by being away from the city, but some speak of these priests taking out entire battalions with just a fist and healing their comrades in the midst of battle from fatal wounds, even bringing them back to life! However these are just merely rumors, no one knows for sure.

Gregoriy formed the Order of the Darkwash River as a separatist sect to the main Norvoshi order of Bearded Priests. Not to war against the Bearded Priests, but to hopefully convince them of the importance of the mystical forces associated with river, and how everyone, even commoners, who believe in Norvoshi traditions should be allowed to not only experience these powers if they desire, but also hear the name of their god if they are worthy. A small order for the moment, Gregoriy’s surrounds himself with his followers.

Upon hearing of Viktor Al-Tem’s travel to Westeros, Gregoriy thought it wise to come convince Viktor, Tito, as well as the other of the Joyful Few to come back to Norvos and join his noble cause. Perhaps with more followers, he could truly make Norvos a “Free City”.

Gregoriy Al-Tem

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