Gwayne Flowers

A knight of House Rowan


Ser Gwayne is a stout man with thinning hair and a rather unbecoming mustache. His sparring partners know him to be more swift than he appears, both sword and with word.



In the fields south of Goldengrove Ser Matthew was out riding with his travel companion Ser Gwayne when the were set upon by a band from House Jasper. Seeing that they were outnumbered the pair tried to flee, but the swift Ser Darron was able to close in on them despite a sizable head start. The pair attempted to split apart and escape, before drawing war lances to fight off the aggressors. The matter seemed resolved when Ser Darron agreed to call off his attack in return for Blackshield’s sword, which the knight easily parted with. The men hurried north as the cold winter wind began to blow.

Not long after Ser Gwayne rode back to those fields in search of Ser Darron and the other “bandits” who had accosted him. With him rode a dozen of Lord Rowan’s soldiers. He came across three riders (Teddy, Ser Dolins, and Gregoriy) claiming to be innocent travelers, but when their tales did not add up Gwayne saw fit to bring the to the castle to be questioned by Lord Rowan.

Gwayne Flowers

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