Gylda Pryor

The Steward of Skymark


Gylda has lived at Skymark all her life, rarely leaving the isle of Pebble. Although she her age has advanced, it is plain to see that in her youth her looks were anything but plain. She never married, despite attracting dozens of suitors. Instead, she stayed at home, devoted to her brother Darrol, the lord of House Pryor. She has been his most trusted advisor for decades.


Along with Darrol and his wife Elaina, Gylda received the envoy from House Jasper that returned Perin’s remains to Pebble in April of 285 AC. She was the warmest and most diplomatic of the theee Pryors. Though anger, pain, and grief were still present, House Pryor accepted that Perin may well have been murdered by one of his creditors. Darrol was emphatic that the next communication from House Jasper must contain news that his son’s assassin has been captured and is en route to Pebble so that he may dispense justice. An invitation to House Jasper’s upcoming tournament was declined.

Gylda Pryor

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