A Knight of the Night's Watch, formerly in service of House Lynderly


Though he is now a gaunt and ill-tempered man it is said that he was jovial and kind in his youth – before his accident. His armor is afixed with the fiery heart symbol of R’hllor; no one is sure why this is, as Gyles is not known as a pious man.


Gyles was once regarded as a fine up-and-coming knight and was often compared to a young Barristan Selmy. In the Tourney at Storm’s End his leg was crushed when his horse was struck by a lance and toppled over during the first round of the joust. The Maesters in attendance did what they could but to this day his leg has continued to cause great pain, which he remedies with alcohol. His leg is a hindrance when afoot but he is a dangerous man when mounted. He is sworn to House Lynderly.

In 284 AC a delegation from House Jasper sought to recruit him to service of their house. Gyles was drinking wine in the knightly common room in Snakewood when Ser Jon entered, bringing with him Jardon Pyke. Jardon sought to recruit Gyles to House Jasper… and Gyles was thoroughly miserable and uninterested. It proved a moot point when Lord Yoren refused to release Gyles from his oath to serve House Lynderly. Gyles did venture to a tavern afterward, on Jardon’s coin, where the two were joined by Thaddeus and Carsen. Thaddeus suggested he may be able to treat Gyles’s crippled leg… but they parted ways shortly after.

Days later, disguised as a night sworn to House Jasper, Gyles roamed the lands of House Baelish. He burned and pillaged and scattered flocks for nearly two weeks before he was come upon by a party from House Jasper (Thoedore, Dolins, Calaila, Ser Maelys). Together the quartet subdued and unmasked Ser Gyles. Thedore doused the fire he had set while Dolins recognized the surly man as a knight sworn to House Lynderly. His captors stripped him of his possessions (returning them to the small folk whose livelihoods he had destroyed) and brought him to Snownook to be tried for his crimes.

In June 284 AC he was tried for oath breaking and arson at Snownook, Lord Arryn presided over the trial. Ser Gyles testified that he was innocent of oath breaking but admitted to arson. He was found guilty; Ser Gyles took the black and joined the Night’s Watch as punishment.


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