Hammett "Mutt" Shett

The second son, and heir, to Lord Roland Shett


His parent are Roland and Joslyn Shett. Hammett is a tall rugged man, and handsome except for the scar on his brow. He earned the scar in a jousting accident at Storm’s End when he was unhorsed by Jon Connington. Nicknamed “Mutt” for his love of dogs, Mutt takes exception when unfamiliar people use it.


In June of 287 AC word reached House Shett that an effort was being made to reopen the long shuttered ’Bufoon’s III’ tavern. Hammett rode out to put a stop to it, arriving just after a performance of Ser Dolins, the famous Bard Knight. He spoke with Dolins, Ser Darron and Lord Teddy Jasper. Ser Hammett explained that his nephew Gene had been killed there and that his lord father would not permit it reopen until justice was served. The trio were permitted a week of leeway to continue operating while searching for Gene’s killer. Three days later Quentyn, bound in a net, was delivered to Hammett. Hammett was heard telling the guards to bring him into the cells where his Lord Father would dispense justice. He affirmed that he would permit Buffoon’s III to operate unimpeded and also tossed Darron a vial of milk of the poppy as thanks.

At the Spring Tourney in 287 AC Summer witnessed Ser Hammett being shouted at by another man. It seems Hammett had insinuated that the other man’s child was a bastard (whether he intended to was unclear). The other man stormed off and Summer approached Hammett and offered comfort, which he appreciated. A short while later Hammett entered the Tourney and challenged Ser Darron, the Champion of the Sun. The older knight defeated him swiftly and charged 500ss in ransom. This fee seemed reasonable and Mutt departed with a begrudging respect for Darron.

Hammett "Mutt" Shett

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