Hamond is a large man, in height and weight. He is generally kind, but is known to have a prickly nature when in his cups. Hamond lives mostly in a lumber camp outside the Snakewood and only comes to visit Feliston for ale and women.


In August of 286 AC Hamond crossed paths with a rather large foreigner while on one of his visits to Feliston. A fight ensued and Nail was imprisoned by Ser Phillip on the strength of the testimony of Hamond and Slim. When Gregoriy returned from a trip to Gulltown Phillip informed him of Nail’s situation. Gregoriy sought to question Hamond himself and, along with Ser Carsen, was led to the ‘Cellar Tavern’ by Phillip. Hamond and Slim were there, still drinking from the night before. At first Hamond stuck to his story and claimed Nail had started the fight and beat him with a club… but eventually the truth came out. Hamond revealed that it was he who started the fight because a woman he liked had been trying to talk to Nail. The words were barely past his lips when Ser Carsen grabbed him and shoved his head forcefully into the table he was seated at. Hamond’s eye struck his horn of ale, blinding it. The following day a Jasper guard delivered 2gd from Carsen as recompense .

When Eevahry was killed in August 288 AC Hamond identified the body and described hearing a shriek the night before.


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