A septon serving House Elesham


Hugo is devout septon and has served House Elesham throughout his adult life. In honor of the Stranger Hugo speaks only in the hour immediately following sunset and otherwise was refuses to utter a sound. It is clear that he is contemplative by nature, a trait only exemplified by his silent vow.


Hugo made the acquaintance of Ser Darron, Ser Carsen, Maester Thaddeus, and Jardon Pyke when they visited Paps in 284 AC, though he did not speak to any of them.

When House Jasper returned to Paps in February of 286 AC Hugo was again a mostly silent observer. Though one night, upon hearing that there was a dying man aboard their vessel The Rambis, he did attempt to minister Jardon’s last rites. Jardon was outraged and Thaddeus kept trying to explain that Jardon was recovering.

Iggy and Hugo spent much of the final day of the Pebble Tourney wagering 1ss on various goings on they could observe from the stands. Hugo acknowledged to Teddy that Ser Donnel appeared to be using his privilege to avoid competing.


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