Illyn Jasper

Former Lord Of House Jasper


Though once handsome few can recall Illyn as anything other than a gaunt, sickly, man, with long scraggly hair. He trembled persistently.


Born in 200 AC, few alive can recall the early years of Lord Ronnel’s father. What is known is that in about 222 AC he wed Wylla Manderly. Many viewed the marriage with raised brows given the sudden death of her first husband. However a sizeable dowry eased concerns. Illyn and Wylla seemed happy for a time, but as the years went by a dark cloud emerged over their union. Month by month, year by year, Illyn’s mind and body deteriorated at an unusual rate. By his death in 250 AC he had the look of a man twice his age. For years before his death it was his wife and son who ruled in his stead.

Illyn Jasper

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