A Dornish Woman


Isabella is a rather homely middle aged woman. Her dark features are typical of the Dornish and she has a rather abrupt manner of speaking. She had been a washerwoman at Spottswood for many years.


Isabella married young and spent much of adult life, and her youth, as a washerwoman at Spottswood. On New Year’s Day of 287 AC she was arrested for allegedly murdering her husband in his sleep. She was jailed in the “Sun Cells” at Spottswood for two weeks until Ser Aron ordered her freed to accompany Ser Darron and his companions to fight Ironborn in the Stepstones. No one said as much, but it was clear that Aron considered this a death sentence.

On the Stepstones Ser Aron’s assessment of the situation proved apt. Isabella fell trying to defend herself from an Ironborn counter-attack. She was abandoned by her new found companions from House Jasper, who fled as she bled out.


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