Jana Lynderly

Wife of Teddy Jasper


Jana is willful, independent, but loyal to her family. She is a bit of a “free spirit” and even sports a tattoo on one arm given by a merchant from Volantis when he visited Snakewood shortly after she reached the age of majority. She is petite and has the auburn hair typical of House Lynderly.


Jana has given her Lord father more headaches than her brother and her sister combined but it is clear to the court that he loves her best.

Jana was incognito as a miner when she was confronted by Jardon and Carsen as she made her way to pass a message, containing the dimensions of the mine, to Lynderly forces. When she was confronted Jardon shot her in the leg with his crossbow. A terse exchange followed in which Jardon was so enraged by her emasculating comments that he turned his sight on Carsen and fired his bow. No damage was done but Jana seized the moment to flee, escaping into the night.

In February of 286 AC Yoren and Jana, and a cohort of guards, arrived at Snownook to treat with Lord Ronnel about House Thorne’s tin mine. Yoren claimed that the mine’s ore was mostly beneath Lynderly land and that he had a map to prove it (drawn from Jana’s espionage efforts, posing as a miner). He demanded 75% of the mine’s production. Swayed by Teddy’s words, Lord Ronnel ruled against House Lynderly on the grounds of their spying and stripped the tract of land in question from them.

Jon inherited the title and holdings of ‘Lord of Snakewood’ upon his father’s death in the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ in February of 286 AC. Months later peace talks were held in Gulltown under Lord Grafton’s watchful eye. Much of the terms were preset by Lord Arryn. Jon’s sister was betrothed to Teddy Jasper and a wedding date was set for December 2nd of 286 AC. At that time Zane Thorne will enter service of House Lynderly as a squire. After suffering slights of cowardice made by Jon, Ser Dolins challenged the Lord to a duel. It was a brutal affair, which Jon won. The victory yielded House Lynderly a 500gd reparation for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ as well as Jana’s right to keep a sworn sword and a hand maiden from Snakewood after she weds. Nestor Royce will attend the wedding to ensure that all pieces of the agreement are honored. On December 2nd Jana was wed to Teddy Jasper in a ceremony at Snakewood performed by Septon Garth.

It was more than 6 months before Jana eventually traveled to Snownook. By that time it was apparent that she was expecting her first child with Teddy. She traveled to her new home on a blustery winter day, shielded from the elements by her wheelhouse. Her bastard cousin Bennett accompanied her as her sworn sword as did Betty, her loyal hand maiden. She gave birth to their child, a girl, in September of 287 AC.

She was one of the two women who masqueraded as Lady Alys Jasper during the costume contest at the opening of the Bardic College.

Jana Lynderly

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