Jaquen Jasper

A Disgraced Historic Member Of House Jasper


He had the weathered look of a fisherman with the size of a great warrior.


Born in about 100 AC Jaquen was raised with his cousins in Castle Snownook, one of whom as destined to be lord of the house. He started life as an impetuous boy and grew into a petty and jealous man. Possessing great martial skill Jaquen took his knightly vows when he was only 15 and by the age of 16 he was named master-at-arms. He came to view the post as beneath him and only suitable for a servant. He wanted to rule. As the years passed he served a succession of Lord Jaspers and became increasingly frustrated and disillusioned.

When The Red Kraken invaded Jaquen kept House Jasper’s army at Snownook and allowed the reavers to do as they please. Rumors started soon after that he had taken a bribe. Others have said that he kept the soldiers at home because he simply did not care enough to bother to fight by that point. He has come to be remembered as a joke in the region, one that those within House Jasper take great offense to. Whether corruption, disloyalty, greed, or another motivation made his choice, he was no longer welcome at Castle Snownook. He died alone in a cottage made of stacked stone near the sea.

Jaquen Jasper

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