Jardon Greyjoy

An enigmatic ironman


A handsome middle-aged man with a scarred brow and flowing dark hair. He is inscrutable but a fierceness exists under his tranquil exterior.


He first encountered Jardon Pyke on the docks of the Arbor when the younger man separated himself from his traveling companions. Greyjoy asked the bastard several pointed questions about himself, and appeared to be vetting him for an unknown purpose. The pair parted amiably enough. The elder man told the younger to await further contact.

In King’s Landing in 284AC Jardon Greyjoy again sought out Jardon Pyke. As he sat at the younger man’s tavern table he started “What is dead…” which the other finished “may never die”. They discussed Pyke’s recent feats including winning the archery contest at the tourney, slaying Ser Jonothor Darry of the Kingsguard, and commanding soldiers in several battles. Jardon Greyjoy went on to hint that he may consider captaining a vessel. Before parting ways he said, “the day is coming where the Ironborn will rise. Look for a message that says ‘the sun is getting low’. Remember: We Do Not Sow”

Years later, Jardon was reaving with his cousin Euron in the winter of 287 AC when a bard of no small skill was captured by his cousin. For weeks Jardon enjoyed the songs of Dolins until one night a man burst into the bungalow he had been occupying. The man was dressed as Ironborn but was unfamiliar to Euron. That man was Ser Darron, come to rescue his comrade. A melee ensued and just as Euron was readying himself to deliver the killing blows to the knights he heard a distant war horn sound twice… the signal for all Ironborn to return to their ships. A man of discipline, Jardon stepped over Darron as he hurried away, spitting on the old knight as he went.

Jardon Greyjoy

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