Jardon "The Observant" Pyke

Captain of the Guard of House Jasper


Long black curly greasy hair. Tall and strong build. Lost an Eye in 282 AC. A bit of an angery character, hard working, can be a bit of a show off at times with his marksmanship. He is 6’2’’, muscular build, and has a blue eye. He is currently missing his right eye from a defeat at Sisterton (with which he sometimes keeps a piece on tin in from Carsen Thorne’s Tin Mine) as well as missing his right leg from an encounter with a kraken.


Jardon Pyke is the former Master at Arms for House Jasper and the bastard son of an Ironborne Noble. He is currently 26 years of age and a talented soldier and fighter. Loyal to house Jasper for his entire life, and not really knowing who his father really is . Raised by his mother, Elrie Fischer, in the fingers and not really being from money he joined the ranks of House Jasper out of need to feed him and his three other brothers and one sister (his brothers are not bastards). He is the oldest of his “siblings”. Eddin, Bodrin, Leyanna, and Jorvan are Jardon’s other siblings.

He was originally trained by the previous Master at Arms, Jaquen Jasper, the “Jape of Jasper”. From the age of 8 he was trained heavily on the crossbow, not atypical of beginning training method of the House and certainly not of Jaquen, who was not overly skilled in the weapon. Why is not certain, but it was obvious from the beginning that Jardon was naturally gifted at the weapon, it was almost as if the previous master at arms knew he would be gifted with the bow. Before being banished, Jaquen gave Jardon “Ironbark Impaler”, his crossbow, which has markings of a fish or other sea creature that have been carved out by knife, it is hard to say though what it is, as it is scratched out. It is an old but well built weapon. Jardon is also quite talented with his battle axe. It is because of his skill with weaponry and his cunning and success in Battle during his short career that he was thrust into the master at arms position at age 25.

Although, this position was short lived as Samwell Stone, taking advantage of Lord Jasper sending Jardon away on a mission to help Ned Stark get back to the North, pitted the Jasper troops against Jardon. As a result, Samwell challenged Jardon to a duel, which Jardon nearly died from. Jardon was no longer to be the Master at Arms for House Jasper.

During an attempt to escape from being executed, Jardon lost his left eye by the Longaxe of Lord Godric Borrell in 282 AC. After being defeated from a foolish attack in desparation, Lord Godric plucked out his eye with the sharp tip of his axe. It was gruesome.

Jonothor Derry was slain by Jardon Pyke in the Battle of the Trident in 283 AC. Jonothor died issuing orders to his men as bolt after bolt from Jardon’s crossbow pierced him from across the river.

Jardon is currently at odds with Wyman and Willas Waters, after a failed duel with Jardon. The duel was initiated after Wyman and Willas both felt Jardon was at fault for their father’s (Ardin Celtigar’s) death, a . Jardon pleaded with Lord Jasper to give mercy as House Jasper has already lost so much and to be challenged in a duel for the deeath of one of House Jasper’s enemies is absurd. Lord Jasper ended the duel, but it left Wyman and Willas without the satisfaction of Jardon’s death. Although Jardon has no quarrel with the Waters Twins, there is little doubt that they will try to kill him at their next opportunity.

Jardon procured a ship during his excursion with the rest of House Jasper’s voyage to Valyria. The “The Rambis” is a large merchant vessel, now equipped with a standard armament of canons, etc.

Jardon was married to Jeyne Oakheart, an arranged marriage he was not interested in beyond perhaps the child she bears currently. Instead of bedding his new counterpart, Jardon was less than interested in the consummation of the marriage, and more interested in not being embarrassed by the father returning.

Jardon lost his right leg in a fight aboard his ship on a trip to the paps.

Jardon was killed in the cells beneath Snakewood as Jasper forces stormed the castle.

Jardon "The Observant" Pyke

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