Jayne Stone

Spy In Service To Varys


A small thin girl with mousy straw colored hair and blue eyes.


Jayne’s short life began in the hamlet outside of Snownook. She became a cup bearer and chamber maid in service of House Jasper after her mother’s death. Her mother had been a kitchen maid and perished after suffering severe burns while preparing a feast to Celebrate Lord Ronnel’s name day about one year ago.

The girl is quiet in voice and step. She spends her mornings emptying chamber pots from the rooms of the Jaspers, as well as their servants. Her evenings are spent filling cups of wine for the family and cleaning up after dinner. In between she is rarely seen but on occasion she seems to enjoy feeding the ravens that the Maester keeps.

Jayne was discovered to be employed by Varys, or “the spider”, as she knows him by Calaila as Teddy, Dolins, and Maester Thadd observed. Her messages and payment are passed by way of a “dead drop” near the coast. In exchange for each message she passes to him she receives one Silver Stag. The party hatched a plan in which Jayne will turn double-agent and pass misinformation to the royalist spy network. She will do so under the watchful eye of Maester Thadd in the ravenry. Lord Ronnel has yet to be told of this discovery.

Jayne Stone

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