Jeyne Oakheart

Jardon's Widow


Jeyne is a thin woman with hair the color of straw. Her wardrobe consists entirely of green garments. She thinks it a cute homage to the colors of House Oakheart. Her personality is pleasant, if bland. She does not imbibe alcohol.


Jeyne is the niece, and not a favored one at that, of lady Arywn Oakheart. Jeyne, a good-hearted but foolish girl, found herself in circumstances that all noble ladies dread. She became pregnant before she was married. Her aunt petitioned Mace Tyrell to find a suitable match for months without result. Finally a contingent from House Jasper arrived and negotiated a betrothal to their captain of the guard, Jardon Pyke. Jeyne cried when she was informed of the match, bemoaning the horrors of marrying a bastard. Arwyn remarked, wryly, that it was “fitting” given her “condition”. When a raven arrived bearing a message inviting her to sail for Snownook the swiftest sloop was chartered to carry her, for time was of the essence. Her cousin Ser Wilber Osgrey accompanied her in her father’s stead. She arrived at Snownook on the final day of 285 AC and was welcomed on the stony shore by Calaila and Content Not Found: thad. The trio discussed the upcoming wedding on their way to Snownook. Once in her temporary room, Jeyne insinuated that she found her accommodations to be rather drab.

The next day she wed Jardon in a ceremony performed by a septon (though it were truly Thaddeus in disguise). Her husband cloaked her with a cloak given by his mother. They feasted on courses fish, stag, potatoes, candied plums (Jeyne’s favorite), and arbor gold provided by Wilber on behalf of Lady Arwyn Oakheart. Jardon asked about father of her child as the door closed, providing privacy for their bedding. She stated she would rather not say and Jardon angrily said that the father had better not show up, for both her sake and her child’s sake.

About two months later Jeyne and the rest of the Jardon’s family attended a meeting with Snownook’s council to sort out the inheritance of Jardon’s belongings. The Jaspers would not part with Jardon’s vessel, The Rambis, but did allow the family to take any items they wished from Jardon’s room in the Soldier Tower. Ser Darron accompanied the family, and helpfully broke open a desk, spilling many Gold Dragons on the floor, which Bodrin scooped into a bag.

At the June 1st meeting of the ‘Smaller Council’ in 287 AC Lady Alys brought it to the attention of the council that Jeyne had been coming bothersome in her requests for a new husband.

Jeyne Oakheart

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