Joanna Coldwater

Lady of Coldwater Burn, Wife to Lord Royce Coldwater


A pretty young woman, her betrothal to the heir of Coldwater Burn seemed assured since the two met at feast in childhood. She is known to be charming and clever.


Joanna married Royce Lynderly before the start of Robert’s Rebellion and recently gave birth to his son and heir, Artys. Before being wed she was raised with her brother, Jon, and sister, Jana, at Snakewood.

Joanna was present when a second delegation from House Jasper, led by Teddy, arrived in July of 284 AC met with her husband, Royce. She suggested that House Coldwater seek the return of Ser Denys to its service in exchange for supporting House Jasper in its ascent to Marshall of the region. She abruptly stormed off before the conclusion of the discourse.

She was present in the Tower of the Hand when Jon Arryn appointed House Jasper as Marshall of the FIngers and the Isles on the day Robert Baratheon wed Cersei Lannister, Her expression was enigmatic.

Joanna Coldwater

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