Jon Lynderly

Lord of Snakewood


A man of average height and build. Jon has auburn hair and a beard but chooses to shave his mustache. He is the only son and heir of his father, Lord Yoren Lynderly. Jon is close with both his sisters, Joanna and Jana. He is a bit immature and prefers amusement to ruling… and is easily distracted. This is in contrast to the personality of his closest friend, Lord Royce Coldwater.


Canon Background

Jon and his cavalry companions came across Teddy, Calaila, Dolins, and Maester Thad in a mountain pass. The lands that were once the Jasper’s but were now his family’s. He was dismissive of the intruders at first but ultimately relented when their bard agreed to a sporting contest. The terms were a best of three knife throwing contest, which Jon won handily. He kept one of Dolins’s throwing knife as a keep-sake.

A month later, in 282 AC, Jon encountered some men from House Jasper whilst resting near a creek. He agreed to let them pass unmolested in exchange for some amusement. Jardon was offered by his fellows and an archery competition was negotiated. With the arms and armor ofDarron and Carsen on the line Jardon’s first arrow was errant and Jon had an early lead. Jardon scored the following two marks and won safe passage.

At the wedding of Jon Arryn to Lysa Tully in 283 AC Jon encountered Carsen, Jardon, and Darron while roaming the parade grounds. They agreed to play a game from Jardon’s heritage called the finger dance; it concluded prematurely when Darron withdrew after being cut. When Ryman “The Bottomless” Frey approached and offered a drinking contest Jon wagered on Ryman while Carsen wagered Darron. The affair was a draw but Carsen conducted himself as a welcher.

During the reprieve between the Battle of the Trident and the conclusion of Robert’s Rebellion Ser Jon was out riding with his companions when Ser Daron, Ser Carsen, and Jardon came upon him en route to Gulltown. A horse race against Daron ensued, which Jon lost. Despite Jon possessing a more swift mount the elder knight’s skill gave him the edge.

In March of 284 Jardon appeared at the gate of Snakewood to challenge Jon to a finger dance rematch. Jon accepted, but it was a ruse to distract him as Thaddeus and Carsen entered (disguised as a lord and a fool, respectively) to recruit Ser Gyles. After an uneventful match (i.e., both men left with all their fingers), Jon agreed to bring Jardon to meet Ser Gyles. As soon as Jardon’s goal of recruiting the knight became clear Jon left and fetched his father.

Both Lord and heir of House Lynderly attended the trial of their knight, Ser Gyles, at Snownook in 284 AC. He was accused of breaking his knightly oath and of arson. Both Lynderlys suggested that House Baelish had somehow corrupted their loyal knight and that blame also lay with House Baelish.

Jon was on a twilight ride in October of 285 AC when he came upon Darron, Carsen, Jardon, and their squire… and a wounded girl. Jon whisked the girl off to Snakewood to Maester Glynn’s care while the men of Houses Jasper and Thorne followed on foot. Late the following morning they arrived and Jon received them in the hall with his cousins Ser Ben, George, and Ser Thom. As they shared a meal, the Lynderlys pursued half ownership of Ser Carsen’s tin mine (the existance of which had been divulged the previous night). After much back-and-forth Jon stormed out of the hall when Carsen threatened war of the mine were pursued.

Jon inherited the title and holdings of ‘Lord of Snakewood’ upon his father’s death in the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ in February of 286 AC. Months later peace talks were held in Gulltown under Lord Grafton’s watchful eye. Much of the terms were preset by Lord Arryn. Jon’s sister was betrothed to Teddy Jasper and a wedding date was set for December 2nd of 286 AC. At that time Zane Thorne will enter service of House Lynderly as a squire. After suffering slights of cowardice made by Jon, Ser Dolins challenged the Lord to a duel. It was a brutal affair, which Jon won. The vistory yielded House Lynderly a 500gd reparation for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’ as well as Jana’s right to keep a sword sword and a hand maiden from Snakewood after she weds. Nestor Royce will attend the wedding to ensure that all pieces of the agreement are honored.

In June of 187 AC Jon and a contingent of Lynderly’s met at the mountain pass between their land and House Jasper’s to exchange Zane Thorne for Jana Lynderly. Jon correctly identified that the child House Jasper was not Zane but an imposter. He was able to leverage this attempt at subterfuge into the release of his cousin Thom (who had been jailed since ‘The Storming of Snakewood’. Jon then returned home with his cousin and the imposter Zane while his sister, her handmaiden, and her sworn sword traveled to Snownook.

Jon Lynderly

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