Jonothor Darry

A Knight of the Kingsguard


Jonothor’s most distinctive feature is his scarred left eye; he sustained the disfigurement in the War of the Ninepenny Kings when he was a mere squire. An earnest man with a serious demeanor; Jon is well regarded by his sworn brothers of the Kingsguard.


Canon Background

At the Battle of the Trident Jon served as his sworn brother Barristan’s second in command. They attempted to breach the rebel’s western flank while their sworn brother Prince Lewyn Martell attacked Corbray forces on the eastern flank. Jonothor was slain by Jardon Pyke in the battle. Jonothor died issuing orders to his men as bolt after bolt from Jardon’s crossbow pierced him from across the river.

Jonothor Darry

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