Jorvan Fischer

Jardon's Other Other Half Brother


Jorvan looks like a younger/smaller version of Eddin, except without the beard. Freckles on the face and blonde hair akin to his mother in her younger years.


Jorvan Fischer is Jardon “The Observant” Pyke’s youngest half brother and youngest son of Elrie Fischer. Jorvan is also the youngest sibling of Bodrin Fischer, Eddin Fischer, and Leyanna Fischer, the latter two of which Jorvan gets along great with, Bodrin however, Jorvan absolutely hates him. It may have had to do with some less than ideal dealings Bodrin had with some pirates and almost sold Jorvan into slavery, or that Jorvan is usually the one doing all the dangerous net work, but it could just be that Jorvan always sees the good in things.

Taking after his brother Eddin, he is always willing to do what needs to be done to make things good. Let’s be honest though, Jorvan is the smart one of that pair, Eddin doesn’t have half as many brain cells as Jorvan.

Jorvan is like his sister, dreams of the day when he may be able to leave Jasport and fight in epic battles like his half brother Jardon. Although, where Leyanna has the skills but is a bit less hopeful for the future, Jorvan is always optimistic, but lacks any fighting experience beyond the fish he catches.

He is always inquisitive and asking questions, and could repeat back anything anybody said to him 5 years ago. Jorvan’s personality has been compared to the legendary Maester Sheldon.

On the first day of 286 AC the entire Fischer clan attended the wedding of Jardon and Jeyne Oakheart at Snownook. Two months later Eddin and Jorvan ferried Lord Theodore Jasper, Ser Darron, Ser Dolins, and Maester Thaddeus to Heart’s Home aboard the larger of the Fischer family vessels during February of 286 AC. Teddy Jasper had brokered a deal with Bodrin and explained that he wanted to be able to pass the Snakewood incognito. About a week later Jorvan and the rest of the Fischers attended a meeting with Snownook’s council to sort out the inheritance of Jardon’s belongings. The Jaspers would not part with Jardon’s vessel, The Rambis, but did allow the family to take any items they wished from Jardon’s room in the Soldier Tower. Ser Darron accompanied the family, and helpfully broke open a desk, spilling many Gold Dragons on the floor, which Bodrin scooped into a bag.

in 288 AC Jorvan gathered the few children of Jasport when Teddy Jasper came to visit, under the guise that he was recruiting students for the Bardic College. Though they had other intentions, they were able to dismiss Jorvan due to a complete lack of ability in the performing arts. Later on Teddy and Ser Darron postured threateningly, intimidating the poor lad.

Jorvan Fischer

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