Kober Derblah

Captain of the H.R. Broke Blade, a merchant vessel


A weathered face, lined from years at sea and the elements, along with his large nose, are the captain’s most notable features.


Bearing an unusual name for Westeros, Kober’s kin is from the Free Cities. He spent his youth aboard ships crossing the Narrow Sea before being abandoned in The Reach when he missed port call one day. He was hired on as a member of House Bulwer’s garrison; Kober’s skill at arms (notably with halberd) have not diminished in the years since his service. He used his savings from his time as a soldier to purchase a small vessel and as the years have passed he has bought and sold numerous ships of increasing size and swiftness.

His current vessel, The H.R. Broke Blade, was chartered by Carsen, Darron, and Jardon from Gulltown to Eastwatch-By-The-Sea. Eventually they sailed beyond The Wall before Captain Derblah deposited them back at Snownook.

On the docks near the River Gate after the royal wedding, Darron, Jardon and three new companions (Teddy, Dolins, and Calaila) came upon Kober. They made their intentions to sail to Valyria known and the seasoned captain scoughed, doubted, and discouraged. But the promise of 100gd for the charter made him willing to consider, if a suitable map could be produced. Ultimately Kober agreed to a charter in exchange for 100gd before setting sail and 10% of the valuables they find.

Captain Derblah approached the party during a meal several days into the voyage, introducing his first mate Marq Farman and quartermaster Bolose. He informed his passengers that the vessel would pass the Stepstones in the morning and asked how they would like to navigate the situation (as the isles are riddled with pirates). Teddy hatched a plan of subterfuge. He disguised his party as being afflicted with greyscale and Bolose flew the grey banner that warns vessels and harbormasters of illness. The deception worked and deterred the corsairs who challenged them. Kober died in his sleep after resupplying the vessel in Volantis. Marq said a prayer and oversaw the captain’s burial at sea.

Kober Derblah

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