Leo Tyrell

A Knight of House Tyrell & A Distant Cousin To Lord Mace Tyrell


A comely man with auburn hair and the beginnings of a beard on his cheeks. He is of average height and build. He favors more modest clothing than most Tyrells, perhaps due to how far removed he is from the main branch of the house.


Canon Background

Leo was relegated to protecting a supply caravan from Highgarden bound for Storm’s End during 283 AC. His liege lord and distant cousin, Mace, had been sieging the seat of the usurper, Robert Baratheon, and was in need of resupply. While en route forces from The Vale under the command of Jardon Pyke and Viktor Al-Tem engaged the caravan, and the 300 soldiers protecting it in battle.

Leo was caught unawares as his outriders (Ser Wilber, Ser Wilbert, and Wendall). had been captured by Carsen and Jardon days prior. The skirmish saw both sides suffer significant to damage to half of their forces. Leo’s 200 infantry men were destroyed by the Joyful Few while his cavalry rode down the opposition’s guerillas. Terms of truce were negotiated as: Jardon takes custody of the supply caravan and Leo’s outriders are released from captivity unharmed immediately.

Three weeks later Leo returned to take back the caravan that was his by rights, at least within his own view. He had rallied a cavalry unit and a mounted archer unit from nearby House Fossoway and had been tracking the much slower moving caravan as it headed east for weeks. After routing one of the mercenary companies early Leo looked to have the battle well at hand… until he was rushed by the other set of mercenaries. Leo quickly fell against the Norvoshi sell swords.

Leo Tyrell

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