Leyanna Fischer

Jardon's Half Sister


Muscular young 18 year year old woman with Blonde hair and taller (around 6 foot). A soft demeanor off the ship, but on the ship is aggressive and forward. She is quick on her feet and acrobatic when it comes to anything ship related. She is the spitting image of the young Elrie Fischer, well minus the blonde hair.


Leyanna Fischer is the half sister of Jardon “The Observant” Pyke, and the daughter of Elrie Fischer and Bander Fischer. She works with her two brothers (or for her two brothers in her eyes and probably theirs) Eddin Fischer and Bodrin Fischer at her father’s old fishing business. Although her brother Eddin doesn’t want to admit it it, she is totally the better seaman and fisherman, running circle around her brother, Eddin. She is also a way better Ladiesman… usually stealing away the ladies that Eddin seems to preoccupied to “deal with”.

Jardon “The Observant” Pyke confided in Leyanna during their childhood. They were close, although have grown distant in recent years. Leyanna dreams of going off to far away lands and battling like Jardon has, but feels constrained by the confines of working the family business. She would leave it if she had the chance.

She loathes Bodrin. Well, loathes and loves…..loves the extra cash that he’s been floating her for the boxes she’s been loading on their fishing runs, but loathes how creepy he is. She keeps him in line though.

She notices always notices a similarity between Jardon and Bodrin, but can’t quite place it. She usually dismissed this as being absurd. Jardon isn’t a creep like Bodrin.

On the first day of 286 AC the entire Fischer clan attended the wedding of Jardon and Jeyne Oakheart at Snownook. Two months later Leyanna was enlisted to ferry Jardon, Carsen, and Summer from Jasport to Snakewood after the trio brokered a deal with Bodrin. She captained the smaller of the two Fischer vessels with Jardon acting as crew. She was able to deliver them to the shore near Snakewood unobserved and was instructed to pick them up the following day at dawn.

A week later Leyanna and the rest of the Fischers attended a meeting with Snownook’s council to sort out the inheritance of Jardon’s belongings. The Jaspers would not part with Jardon’s vessel, The Rambis, but did allow the family to take any items they wished from Jardon’s room in the Soldier Tower. Ser Darron accompanied the family, and helpfully broke open a desk, spilling many Gold Dragons on the floor, which Bodrin scooped into a bag.

Leyanna Fischer

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