A servant of House Tully and one of Calaila's spies


Fair skinned with golden eyes and light brown hair. Lily is most commonly clothed in fabric of red and blue sporting the trout symbol of House Tully.


On the morning of the wedding of Robert and Cersei in 284 AC Lily was cornered in a storeroom beneath the Red Keep. A servant of House Baratheon, a foul older man named Angus, had been harassing her for days and he follwed her into the room and blocked her exit. He was in the middle of threatening her in an attempt to gain certain “favors” that would stain her virtue when Calaila came upon them. Calaila threatened the would be attacker, saving Lily from his advances. The grateful handmaiden agreed to pass information about the inner workings of House Tully, via Rhaella, to Calaila.


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