Linus Flowers

A Thief, First Encountered At The Arbor


A trim man with dark hair that has been to grey earlier than most. Although he is not a tall man he is decisive and conveys confidence, strength of personality, and a presence. His mouth is often fixed with a sly smile.


In 283 AC Linus once again found himself in a familiar haunt. No, not a brothel or gambling den or tavern or wine-sink. He was jailed in the dungeon beneath the cellars of the Redwyne palace in Ryamsport on The Arbor. The iron cells were empty (a ship must have recently departed to ferry the inmates to The Wall) and Linus was resting when company arrived. Young Theodore Jasper was pushed into the adjacent cell, the pair conversed in hushed tones while their guard slumbered. Together they hatched an escape plan. Theodore provided Linus with a dagger that he used to pick their cell locks. Linus instructed Teddy to watch the guard while he cleared an obstruction from their escape tunnel. Linus watched in horror as Teddy brutally murdered the guard. In the tunnel and cave system that lead to freedom they encountered a wolverine. Teddy tried to fend off the beast while Linus sensed an opportunity. He cut Teddy’s coin purse without the lordling’s notice and dashed off into the night.

Weeks later Linus was brought into testify against Teddy in his trial for murder. Linus spoke truthfully but as a known thief his words carried little weight against those of Teddy (who blamed Linus for the killing). Paxter Redwyne found Linus innocent of the killing and he was hanged from the large oak that casts a shadow across the Ryamsport town square.

Linus Flowers

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