Lucian Corbray

Lord of Heart's Home


A stern looking man with a prominent nose and permanent grimace. His forehead is lined with wrinkles. He has the dark hair and beard typical of the men of his house.


Lucian is the head of House Corbray. He has three sons; they are Lyonel, Lyn, and Lucas. Seeking to further his house’s influence in the Vale he struct a pact with Nestor Royce. Lucian will keep his military neutral and not intervene in the Taking of Gulltown and in return Nestor will abdicate his position as Steward of the Vale so that Lucian can be named in his stead. Young Theodore Jasper was present for the negotiation but was only an observer.

He took audience with a delegation from House Jasper the morning after the double wedding at Riverrun in 283 AC. They shared news that an attempt had been made on the life of one of their servants. The group requested that Septa Olivia be questioned and alleged some bad blood, pre-dating her service of House Corbray, may exist between her and their handmaiden. Little information was provided but House Jasper’s request proved to be a moot point as Olivia had vanished in the night.

Lord Lucian was badly wounded at the Battle Of The Trident in 283 AC. After being cut down by a young Dornish lord he was pulled to safety by his devoted heir Lyonel. As he was being dragged away from the fray Lucian turned and watched as Lyn struck down foe after foe with a furious grace using his sword, Lady Forlorn. Before dying of his wounds a week later Lucian bequeathed his blade to Lyn, vacated his lands and titles in favor of Lyonel, and resigned as Steward of the Vale.

Lucian Corbray

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