A bravo who resides in Gulltown


Old for a Bravo, Lufio left his home city for Gulltown after nearly dying in a duel (the scars of which mar his face). He dresses flamboyantly, as most bravos do, and sports an earring in one ear.


Lufio participated in the tournament melee at Snownook in 285 AC. Lufio traded blows with Dolins and a mystery knight (who was slim dressed in red armor) before Dolins, and then Lufio were eliminated by the scarlet knight.

In August of 286 AC Lufio crossed paths with Sers Darron and Carsen on the streets of Gulltown. The Bravo had been moving quickly when he nearly bowled Darron over, but the old knight was able to dodge clear. A tense exchange followed in which Lufio seemed to be looking for a reason to fight. The knights deescalated the situation. After Carsen spoke a few words of Braavosi Lufio warned him that he should know better than to poke at a Bravo.


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