Lyn Corbray

Heir of Heart's Home


Lyn is thin and attractive. His dark hair reaches his shoulders. He wields the Valyrian steel blade, Lady Forlorn.


Canon Background

Whilst preparing to march on Gulltown in support of his former foster Lord Marq Grafton a pair of strangers approached while he was in the practice yard. They sought to have him speak in his Lord Father‘s ear against House Grafton. Growing bored with diplomacy he challenged the pair to a duel, to first blood, under the guise of speaking on their behalf if they won. a vicious blow from the mute’s greatsword wounded him almost immediately. The old knight reveled in his defeat believing that they were victors. Seething, Lyn lunged at that mute, scoring a gash that penetrated his scale. More blows were exchanged but a short time later Lyn offered to yield, realizing he could not fight a war if he expended all his energy in the practice yard. The old knight accepted and as penance Lyn would speak favorably of neutrality in the conflict.

He took audience with a delegation from House Jasper the morning after the double wedding at Riverrun in 283 AC. They shared news that an attempt had been made on the life of one of their servants. The group requested that Septa Olivia be questioned and alleged some bad blood, pre-dating her service of House Corbray, may exist between her and their handmaiden. Little information was provided but House Jasper’s request proved to be a moot point as Olivia had vanished in the night.

At the Battle of the Trident Corbray forces were held in reserve. When the Dornish envelopment began to push them back Lyn’s lord father was cut down. Lyn picked up Lady Forlorn, rallied their forces, and beat back the Dornish vanguard. His father laid dying for a week after; during that time Lyonel was bequeathed his father’s lands and titles while Lyn was given their ancestral sword.

In 284 AC Ser Darron returned to Heart’s Home with Jardon Pyke. The trio conversed at the yard and Lyn shared that House Corbray had taken heavy losses at The Trident and they parted ways shortly after. Ser Lyn did mention an inn a short distance down the road that may provide them lodging.

He competed in the joust at the tourney celebrating the wedding of King Robert and Queen Cersei. He bested several opponents before losing to Ser Darron Brewlan in the fourth round. After elimination from the joust he entered the sunset melee. He eliminated one foe and turned his attention to Jardon Pyke. Ser Lyn sprinted at Jardon who stuck him with a knife. Lyn scored a grievous strike with his tourny sword but Jardon returned the attack and eliminated Lyn from the contest.

Lyn traveled to the tournament celebrating House Jasper being named Marshall of the Fingers & The Isles in June 285. Lyn became irate at the treatment of his stead by Edric and their shouts drew Calaila’s attention. Calaila tried, with limited success, to calm Lyn. As they parted ways Lyn declared he would speak to Lord Jasper about disciplining Edric for his rudeness. Within the hour Lyn came across Teddy Jasper and encouraged him to have Edric whipped, which the lordling declined. Teddy then had the gall to try to steal Lyn’s dagger. Lyn gripped Teddy’s wrist and gave him an icy glare. In the joust later that day Lyn was unhorsed in the semi-finals by Ser Hoster Woodhull. After elimination from the joust, Lyn returned to the stable blaming Edric for his destrier’s sluggish performance. The conflict escalated until Lyn took Edric’s whip and gave him three lashes. Ser Darron and Calaila encountered Lyn as he exited the stable and after a tense exchange ordered him to leave, and he was happy to oblige.

In the final days of 285 AC Lyn was attacked while hunting with Arturo. Lyn charged, wounding the men clad in House Lynderly garb (in actuality: Carsen, Darron, and Jardon). Lyn was eventually pulled from his horse and bound. He heard his captors say to him “you’re lucky we know who you are” and to each other “leave the sword, it’s too recognizable”. The men left him tied in the woods and departed quickly after. More than a day later, an unconcious Lyn was rescued by Corbray men.

In what became known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney in the region, in June of 288 AC, Ser Lynn entered the joust. In the second round he was bested by a mystery knight the smallfolk took to calling “the shabby knight”. Afterward he was barely able to contain his temper after suffering a minor insult from Lord Teddy Jasper.

Lyn Corbray

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