Mace Tyrell

Lord Paramount of the Reach and Lord of High Garden


Mace is a handsome and once-powerful-looking man who has since turned to fat.10 He has curly brown hair and cuts his beard, which has white and grey specks in it, into a triangular shape. He is often red-faced. Mace has a generally jovial personality. He thinks himself a great warrior. Mace dresses in green velvet trimmed with sable, as well as a gold mantle over green.


Canon Background

Lord Tyrell met with the visiting delegation from House Jasper in October of 285 AC in his solar at High Garden. The visitors thought only to pay their respects but Mace surprised them by demanding recompense for the slaying of Ser Leo Tyrell during Robert’s Rebellion. Lady Olenna suggested that the Jaspers may be able to make amends by assisting Lady Arwyn Oakheart with a matter that she has been petitioning House Tyrell about.

Mace Tyrell

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