A "Protector"


Madsen is old for a man in his line of work. That is to say, a fighter, hustler, sellsword, and self-proclaimed “protector”. How old is he? Even the man himself could not say. He is a formidable presence and is compelling when he speaks.


Madsen introduced himself to House Jasper in the great room at Winter’s Reprieve in April of 285 AC in Gulltown. An associate, Uma, had picked Teddy’s pocket not being aware of his relationship with Jamie. After Uma returned the pilfered purse, Madsen explained that he has formed a band of “protectors” in Gulltown to look out for the small folk and business owners. When the Jasper lordling inquired about buying their services to protect the currently shuttered Buffoon’s III Madsen shared that they had already been hired by the bartender Robert… and that the soldiers from House Shett had arrived early in the day when no “protector” was present.

In June of 287 AC word reached “The Protectors” that a noble house was looking to hire sell swords. Madsen went to meet with House Casper at Gulltown’s south docks. He was accompanied by Samwell (to negotiate) and Quentyn (for muscle). Ser Darron was masquerading as lord of the fictitious House Casper and Theodore pretended at being the Master-At-Arms. Samwell and Madsen sniffed out that something was not right and the trio turned to leave. It was then that they were ambushed. Madsen fought back but was pushed into the harbor as Quentyn and their foes drifted away on a river barge.


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